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Located in Okazaki, a quiet and
historic area of Kyoto, Rokusei has been
devoted to excellence in Kyoto cuisine since its founding in 1899. Please feel free to enjoy our specialty, Teoke Bento, a wooden pail lunch box made by Kiyotsugu Nakagawa (a living national treasure of Japan) filled with delicious seasonal foods which have been long loved by our customers.

Menu example: Prices include tax, and a separate service charge of 10% (regular seats) to 15% (private rooms) will be charged.

Teoke Bento : 3,410-(JPY)
Teoke Bento and one dish : 4,400-(JPY)
                         (Otsukuri, Tempra, seasonal one dish,etc)
Teoke Bento and one special dish : 6,270-(JPY)
                         (Omi beef grilled on a ceramic plate, Prawn tempura, etc)

Course meal including Teoke : from 7,700(JPY)
Kaiseki course : from 11,000-(JPY)

Teoke Bento

*The contents change depending on the season



71, Okazaki Nishitennocho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8341, Japan
075 ( 751 ) 6171
Regular holidays
Monday, Other irregular holidays
Business hours
11 : 30 - 14 : 00
17 : 00 - 21 : 00 ( last order / 20 : 00 )
*Please note that last entry is 18:00.



By Bus

Kyoto City Bus (Route 206) from JR Kyoto Station.
Get off at Higashiyama-Nijo (approx. 30 minute ride).

Kyoto City Bus (Routes 201 or 203) from Hankyu Railway Shijo-Kawaramachi Station.
Get off at Higashiyama-Nijo (approx. 15 minute ride).

Kyoto City Bus (Route 5) from Keihan Electric Railway Sanjo-Keihan Station.
Get off at Kyoto-Kaikan-Bijutsukan-mae (approx. 10 minute ride).
By Taxi
About 20 minutes from JR Kyoto Station.
About 10 minutes from Hankyu Railway Shijo-Kawaramachi.
About 5 minutes from Keihan Electric Railway Sanjo-Keihan Station.
By Car
Take the Kyoto-higashi Exit on the Meishin Expressway towards Okazaki;
it’s a 20 minute drive from there.
Our parking lot can accommodate 7 cars. When full, you are kindly requested to park your car(s)
at the Kyoto municipal underground car park to the south of Heian Jingu Shrine (charged).




The history of Rokusei began when its founder started a catering business. Later in 1977, Rokusei moved to its current location, on the north side of a canal from Lake Biwa.
At that time, many roof tiles were excavated from the remains of a roof tile storehouse in the compound of one of the six Buddhist temples that are said to have been located around the Okazaki area in the late Heian period (794-1185). They are displayed in the entrance hall of the restaurant.

Previously, Kyoto did not have any restaurants that could provide tourists to the ancient capital with an opportunity to enjoy Kyoto cuisine casually.
Our previous president then began to serve the Teoke Bento lunch box, in the hope that everybody who came all the way to Kyoto would not leave the city without first enjoying its traditional cuisine.

Following in the footsteps of the previous president, who wanted to offer customers nothing but dishes prepared within his eyeshot, we still make it a rule not to have branch restaurants.
We are making every effort to ensure that customers coming to enjoy our dishes can take back with them many good memories.
Keeping in mind the importance of offering dishes prepared with love, and extending hospitality that customers expect to receive, we look forward to welcoming you.